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Cuticul Extra Plus 100ml

Cuticul  Extra Plus 100ml

Ref: 061

New Hair Product CUTICUL EXTRA PLUS - Three Products in One

This is a very exciting new hair product replacing CUTICUL, KERATUL and KERATUL SPECIAL. It combines the exceptional qualities of these three products by incorporating their formulas into one extraordinary product with even more active ingredients.
CUTICUL EXTRA PLUS works against the thinning and falling out of hair by stimulating the regeneration of the scalp and hair roots. It helps better growth of hair and regulates the sebacious gland. CUTICUL EXTRA PLUS boosts better circulation in our scalp and at the same time nourishes our immune system. It is an excellent treatment product in the fight against the effects of aggressive treatments like hormone treatments, chemotherapy or even antibiotics.

Price: 44.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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