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Lift Express Lotion is an anti-ageing concentrate with an immediate mechanical tensor effect and myo-relaxing action targeting first wrinkles. Lift Express gives you an immediate solution to tackle first wrinkles from 30 years onwards.
It has a powerful but reversible muscle relaxant effect by working on the contractions of the muscles preventing the formation of the wrinkle and counteracting the deepening of first expression wrinkles.
This vial acts on the synthesis of collagen allowing the tissues of the dermis to regenerate and preserve its elasticity. Its slow release action allows a delayed release of active ingredients for immediate results that last all day.

Spring Newsletter 2024

Spring Newsletter 2024 Letter on the way to all GERnétic clients, giving insights into the Gernetic products
We would like to invite you to have a look at the GERnetic Range of products. These are remarkable products that really do what they promise.

They are a cost effective solution to all your skin care needs and work on the Fairy Liquid principle, a little goes a long long way.

If you would like more information or want some samples contact your local GERnetic salon who has a wealth of information or contact us.

We hope that you really enjoy reading about these amazing products, that can help to revitalize your body and skin for Spring.

New Anti Ageing Leaflet

Our new Anti-Ageing leaflet is out now and on its way to all our customers, with lots of help and advice on the best products to use on your skin. If you want a copy, please call us or email us.

GERnétic is an extraordinary skincare range that works at cellular level treating a large variety of skin conditions, from the simplest to the most complex ones. We excel in using science to create products that help to correct skin problems and to maintain a healthy, youthful skin by targeting specific cells and providing them with instant nourishment. GERnétic has formulated a range of creams that provide the skin with active ingredients for extraordinary results. The results achieved are based on the body's ability to recover its health and harmony when its cells receive nutritional and active molecules.

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We have just launched a new payment gateway. This is a simpler more secure way of paying for goods and will have Apple Pay soon and Google .
Any questions, please don't hestitate to contact us.

Customer Loyalty Card

We are pleased to launch a new Customer Loyalty Card for our GERnétic Clients. It has been a hard couple of years, and we believe that you our most loyal customers deserve appreciation.

So, we have created a very simple Customer Loyalty Scheme. In all orders going out in February, we have attached a small sticker to all retail products. These are peelable and they can be attached to the customer Loyalty Card Collector Card. Once they have collected 9 stickers, they can claim a reward of their choice from the selection of products on the card.

We hope that you will take advantage of this Loyalty Card Promotion and any feedback, is always welcome.


Mens Product

New 3 In 1 Product For Men

"Discover The Ultimate
men's care for anti-fatigue
Energising - Refreshing- Tonic"

Vital Transfer

A Holistic and Comprehensive Treatment

Dedicated to Mature Skins with Hormonal Deficiencies
These two revolutionary and unique HORMOCEUTIC SPECIALIST CREAMS are enriched with active ingredients like PHYTO-OESTROGENS (plant hormones), AMINO ACIDS, TRACE ELEMENTS AND VITAMINS.

They have been specifically designed for very mature skin, with advanced signs of hormonal deficiency - extreme dryness, lack of elasticity, loss of density, thinning skin, skin irritations. These uncomfortable skin symptoms, associated with menopause, are caused by a decrease of oestrogen levels leading to declining collagen production, degenerating elastic fibres which negatively impacts microcirculation.

The two highly scientific VITAL TRANSFER creams developed for FACE AND BODY, bring back an essential element to the body necessary for its optimal functioning and provide each layer of your skin with the essential elements for their optimal functioning.

GERntic Website

Our GERnétic website has now been launched giving you lots of information on the full range of the GERnétic skinrange range.
This exciting new page gives a refreshing look to the whole GERnétic Range.
Have a look at

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We have just introduced a feature to our website. From now on, we are looking for customer feedback on how our products are performing.

We feel that it is important to share your experiences with other people. Let them know which products work for you and which results you are getting, what you found that works and how you use it.
We will also feed this information back to Gernetic International to help them create even better products.
For everyone that writes a review, we will send out a Free Manno 50ml Hand Cream.

Please Review Us On Trustpilot and let people know about the wonders of GERnetic.

We look forward to hearing from you.

GERntic International

GERnétic Products In The UK

The sole object of the laboratories of GERnétic International is to constantly innovate, to offer every woman beauty and health care products for the face, hands, bust and entire body. All the products from GERnétic International are the result of our permanent research in cellular biology, designed to provide maximum efficacy and satisfaction. All our beauty products are made from beneficial plants, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, proteins and fine oils, the active ingredients of which are 100% natural, enabling you to recover a healthier, younger skin. A genuine cocktail of health and beauty for the skin, for all women irrespective of their age.

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GERnétic International has a policy not to market their skincare products on the internet, as you do need to speak to a beauty therapist to achieve the best results.