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Eye Mask 30ml

Eye Mask 30ml

Ref: 011A

This mask, applied every evening, will bring a new youthful sparkle to your eyes in just a few minutes.
Being rich in draining ingredients, it eliminates puffiness around the eyes and reduces rings and bags by its relaxing, tonic action. It encourages lymphatic drainage, which is essential to reduce swelling of the eye area.
The Eye Mask is also soothing and nutritive. Please note that Eye Mask will not diminish dark shadows that are a result of genetic causes.

Active Ingredients:
Extracts of artichoke and wild camomile
A biological compound rich in amino acids

Home Use: AM
First thing in the morning apply a moderate layer to the eye area. Leave for 5 minutes and remove with wet cotton pads. Please note that a tingling sensation is absolutely normal. Follow with your usual daily routine.

Price: 25.20 (Including VAT at 20%)

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