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Fibro 200ml

Fibro 200ml

Ref: 002

Fibro is an alcohol-free lotion suitable for all skin types. It is subtly scented, and helps to decongest, tone and heal the skin.
This is the ideal complement to the GLYCO lotion to complete cleansing by removing the last traces of make-up and dead cells which dull your complexion.
The Fibro lotion with its rich complex synergy of plants controls the PH of your skin, purifies your complexion giving it a renewed, vigorous, bright freshness.

Active Ingredients:
Amino acids
Extracts of ginseng and hamamelis

Home Use: AM & PM
After using Glyco milk, complete the cleansing process by smoothing over with Fibro.

Price: 25.80 (Including VAT at 20%)

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