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Ger Lift Face 30ml

Ger Lift Face 30ml

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Ger Lift Face 30ml

Cream with firming effects, easily absorbed: quick, lasting and spectacular effects.
Makes the skin smooth and supple while giving it all its radiance.
Stimulates the growth of the extra-cellular matrix.

Marine Ger-Lift can be used to restore superficial skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. Marine Ger-Lift assists fibroblasts to produce collagen and it increases cellular respiration. It restores dermal elasticity, therefore diminishing wrinkle depth.

Active Ingredients:
Six biological compounds extracted from micro-algae, marine peptides and trace elements.

Home Use: AM & PM
Use a small amount on the areas of concern or on the whole face including the eye and neck areas. Follow with your Synchro nutritive cream.

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