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Hydrate Your Skin - Tester Pack

Hydrate Your Skin - Tester Pack

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A hydrated skin is a healthy skin. GERnétic understands the importance of keeping the skin's hydro-lipid film intact, as it protects the deeper layers of skin and minimises moisture loss and premature ageing.
Experience healthy hydration with one of GERnétic's break-through formulas.

GERnétic - The radically peaceful solution to skin care
GERnétic International is a revolutionary skin care brand that harnesses advanced technology to apply nutrition through the skin. The results achieved are based on the body's ability to recover its health and harmony when its cells receive nutritional and active molecules.

This kit is a trial kit for you to test how effective our products are. It comes in an envelope with full instructions and samples, these are 2ml samples, and should last you 3 days only.

Price: 7.20 (Including VAT at 20%)

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