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Marine Gumming Cleanser 100ml Travel size

Marine Gumming Cleanser 100ml Travel size

Ref: 100a

Cleansing and exfoliant Gel enabling perfect make-up removal and deep pore cleansing while desquamating dead skin cells. The skin becomes extremely soft and pleasing to the touch.

Marine Cleansing Gel is used on irritation-free skins of any age. Its microcapsules dissolve when rubbed and release a polyolefine gel that gently polishes your skin. Marine Cleansing Gel achieves a deep cleaning while lifting away the superficial dead cells. Your skin becomes exceptionally smooth and radiant.

Active Ingredients:
Marine sediments rich in trace elements

Home Use: a few times a week
Gently massage a small quantity of Marine Cleanser all over the face and neck with wet hands but avoid the eye area. Rinse with lukewarm water. Perfect for use under a shower.

Price: 16.43 (Including VAT at 20%)

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