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Vital Transfer Body 150ml

Vital Transfer Body 150ml

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Specifically designed for Very Mature Skin with advanced signs of hormonal deficiency associated with menopause and caused by a decrease of oestrogen levels leading to declining collagen production and degenerating elastic fibres
Working against extreme dryness, lack of elasticity, loss of density, thinning skin and skin irritations to generate Healthy, Glowing, Bright and Even Skin associated with hormonal balance and vitality.These two revolutionary and unique
Hormoceutic Specialist Creams
are enriched with active ingredients like
Phyto-Oestrogens (plant hormones),
Amino Acids, Trace Elements and Vitamins
* derived from plants, offer a safe, natural solution to the challenge of declining oestrogen
* activate fibroblasts, keratinocytes and other skin cells to make collagen and increase the production of elastin, boosting the repair of skin and improving skin quality
* have a calming effect on skin, suppressing blemishes to lessen inflammation and irritation.
The two highly scientific Vital Transfer Creams developed for Face and Body, bring back an essential element to the body necessary for its optimal functioning and provide each layer of your skin with the essential elements for their optimal functioning.

Vital Transfer for Body: Round and velvet marine fragrance.
Contains Lavender, Marine scent, Lotus, Lime, Cedar Wood and White Musk

Price: 70.80 (Including VAT at 20%)

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