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Vasco 50ml Cream for sensitive skin

Vasco 50ml Cream for sensitive skin

Ref: 007

Vasco is a vascularizing cream that is suitable for blotchiness or couperose skins.
Vasco facilitates a better vascularization of the capillaries and strengthens capillary walls by increasing their elasticity. It is also calming and anti-inflammatory.
Vasco is a special beauty care product for sensitive skins, providing comfort and softness without altering your natural complexion by protecting it from outside aggressions.

Active Ingredients:
Plants extracts including camomile, St John’s Wort, coltsfoot, mallow and sage.
A biological compound rich in amino acid and vitamins PP and E.

Home Use: AM
In the morning, apply a small amount to blotchiness or couperose. Follow with your Synchro nutritive cream.

Price: 39.60 (Including VAT at 20%)

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